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Multiseeds Mukhwas (Pack Of 2)


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Weight: 250gm x 2

Ayurvedic. No Preservatives. No added sugar. 100% natural

Prabha Jaju’s Multi-Seed Mukhwas is a refreshing mouth freshener. Made with the choicest of premium quality seeds, it is rich in natural goodness, delicious in taste, and leaves you with a lingering sensation of freshness.

Ingredients: Saunf, Dhaniya Dal, Khus-khus, Alsi, Til, Melon Seeds, Coconut, Pumkin Seeds, Ajwain, Mulethi.

Health Benefits: Mukhwas is excellent for digestion, and best taken after meals. Its fibrous contents help prevent constipation and detoxify the body. Its minty coolness fights bad breath.




Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Best before 5 months from the packaging date.

Item Form: Dry seeds and Mulethi

Best before 5 months from packaging


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